Chakra Exploration

During this exploration of both the physical and subtle body, we use the asana practice to explore each of the 7 chakras from the ground up.  Through a series of questions during each section of class, students will start to tap into their subtle body - noticing if they feel grounded, creative, confident, open, truthful, clear and connected.  By continuing to come back to an attitude of curiosity - we explore whether we can make major shifts through subtle and intutitive movement.


Yoga & Essential Oils

Asana is already a very tactile and auditory experience.  In this workshop, we add the olfactory sense to create an additional layer of experience.  How do certain oils influence the practice?  Do they change the way we feel by aiding sensations of grounding, opening and stability?  We incorporate various doTERRA Essential Oils into the practice topically and aromatically.