Essential Oils

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in all parts of plants including seeds, bark, roots, stems, leaves and flowers.  Plants use these oils for predatory defense, pollinator attraction and disease resistance.  Humans have found a way to harness this same power by extracting the oils from the plants, mostly through steam distillation and cold pressing.

You can use essential oils for many reasons - to relieve stress, aid with digestion, support healthy respiratory and cellular function and soothe skin irritations.  Whether it's adding a few drops of peppermint or bergamot to my shower, dabbing lavender or frankincense on temples, or smelling lemon or lime after I wake up - essential oils have become a staple of my own daily self-care routines and rituals.

It's a privilege to share the oils and practices with you through doTERRA in three ways.

1.  If you are new to essential oils and are trying them for the first time, you can go to my online store as a Retail Customer - shop, explore, discover and enjoy.  If you have any questions, please let me know how I can assist.

2.  If you are familiar with essential oils and use them regularly or plan on buying more than one, you can join doTERRA as a a Wholesale Customer and save 25% on all of your purchases.

3.  If you are passionate about essential oils and have a desire to share them with others, you can join my team as a Wellness Advocate.  This gives you all the perks of being a Wholesale Customer with the added benefits of being part of a supportive team and earning commissions for sharing something you love.

If you are curious about any of these options, I would love to connect with you and determine which one makes the most sense for you.  Please fill out the form below to connect.